Triple Hack for Writers Block

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Today is about writers’ block and how to overcome  the blocks that stop you from creating awesome content for yourself, your offline business, your book, you are writing, your freelance work, in fact, every job you undertake as a writer so I look forward to helping you with the triple hack for writers block

Subject matter   

As a writer subject matter is vital and sometimes finding the right subject matter can be a challenge so I have created a course to help you ease the pain you go through when the block hits.

How did I know what to create? Simple, many times over the early years of writing I would often get the block and not know what to do next.

Having learned the skills and being in the business of working with people to help them breakthrough challenges I thought what better than to create a course to teach people how to overcome writer’s block but instead of selling it to you, I thought, I would just share what I know here and now to help you on your way, so lets get into things here

1st Hack- Research

When you are writing anything one of the biggest keys to success is research on the subject you are writing about, whether it be non- fiction or fiction.

Yes, do your research on different articles that have been written, search for websites to learn more on your subject and you might even what to read some great books relating to what you are writing about as this is sure to get the mind flowing with ideas.

The skills to great writing are simple really. You have a subject you have chosen, Yes, OK,  now as you do your research, write down any ideas that pop into your head and keep researching until you feel confident you have run out of resources.

Now look at the list of ideas, then break each idea into more ideas on which you are going to base your writing on.

How is the block feeling now?

2nd Hack: Confidence – how to keep up the confidence when writers’ block gets you.

Sometimes when we get writers’ block it can lead to us losing confidence in our ability as a writer, which can snowball into procrastination, the 2 go hand in hand.

So, how do regain the confidence you need. First, you have to stop listening to the chatter in your mind telling you all the negative nonsense and believe me, it is nonsense.

Whenever something negative arrives and tries to get into your mind, I want you to say aloud, NO, and quickly think of a time when you wrote something you absolutely loved. This might need to be done a few times, but eventually, those negative messages will stop. I refer to them as “monkeys” who chatter and don’t make sense at all to me, so why would I let them enter my mind? I wouldn’t and neither should you.


Procrastination is a big word isn’t it- Yes, especially if you procrastinate and I have worked with a lot of procrastinators through the years as a Coach and I can tell you right here and now, Procrastination is one of the worst things people can do in all areas of their life.

3rd Hack: Procrastination and writers’ block

These 2 fit together like new socks. Unfortunately when you lose confidence, it can often create procrastination within the writer and this needs to be dealt with in this 3rd hack.

Have you ever said”I’ll do it….” or maybe “Oh,  not right now, I’ll get back to it soon” and soon takes a very long time?

What happens when you procrastinate is you lose more mojo and then your motivation to write gets further away and more excuses come rolling in and it goes on and on until you decide, yes YOU DECIDE, Enough is enough!!!

Only then can you breakthrough this hideous cycle and really start to get back on track as a writer.

My suggestion to you if you are a procrastinator or a person who lacks confidence or a person who gets writers’ block easily is this

  • Make a Goal– When do you want what you are writing to be completed?
  • Make a Plan– Step by step how are you going to achieve this goal. Break each step into smaller steps if you have to and have an end date for each step.
  • Research as much as you can as I mentioned before however I also want you set aside research time and make an end date for this relative to your writing project
  • Make a list of your research and break the list into more ideas- Set aside time to do this
  • Believe in you– Yes, you are going to have hiccups when you are writing and, yes, you are going to feel blocks and you are going to feel frustrated when things do not go according to plan, but at least you have a plan to work with
  • Other people– If you work from home and people keep calling in to say hi, this can take you away from your work and when you are in the zone as it were, the last thing you need is interruptions so please tell people you work from home and to text or ring before they pop in as sometimes you are really focused on your work and, tell them you have set your goals and want to reach them. A good friend will understand, especially if you explain that this is your job
  • Excuses– how good are you at this? It is pretty much the same as procrastination except you justify all the times, you know you were meant to be working because you have a plan and you are off doing something else and then you are making excuses for not getting the results you desire.

In conclusion today

If you have a burning desire to write something great, let nothing stop you

Focus, discipline, creativity, research, consistency, self-believe, momentum, “stickability” and the determination to get the job done. This is who you are if you are to be a great writer.

I hope this triple hack for writers’ block will help you break free from silly habits and excuses.

You have all the resources at your fingertips, now all You have to do is write

I wish you success on your journey and if you have any further questions please email me vicki@coolchangecoach. com as I am here to serve you.

Thank you for being here and I hope you bookmark this site so you can drop by again soon

Keeping it real

Vicki- your Cool Change Coach





Limitations and You – How to free yourself

Today I am writing about Limitations and You and How to free yourself, so let’s get right into this subject as there are all kinds of limitations we put on ourselves.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and as you can see in the picture above, there is a laptop, phone, and a book in chains.

Why have I put this photo up?

Well, it is because there are 1000’s of people all over the world suffering from what is called Digiphrenia and this is what Digiphrenia is. The constant insane dual personalities people have by being immersed between their digital equipment and the real world. Continue reading “Limitations and You – How to free yourself”

What is Greatness- Who are you not to be Great

Hi, great one, Welcome to Cool Change Coach.

Today is all about greatness.

What is Greatness and who are you not to be great.

So let’s get right into things here.

How do you value yourself?

Self-value- How do you feel about you?

Do you get out of bed every day looking forward to a new and happy day, or do you lay in bed, turn over and hope the day will just pass you by?

When you value you, you feel positive, energized and ready to face the new day head on, no matter what it brings. You are ready feeling strong, powerful, confident, ready to achieve the goals you have set yourself for today.

Continue reading “What is Greatness- Who are you not to be Great”

Expert Coaching – What’s in it for you and me?

Welcome to Cool Change Coach. My name is Vicki and I am your Coach here at Cool change.

I have been a success, personal development, business, life coach for around 20 years and I decided instead of having all those titles, wouldn’t it be great to call the business Cool Change Coach as this pretty much covers the entire range of what we do here at Cool change Coach Continue reading “Expert Coaching – What’s in it for you and me?”

Attitude to Altitude – How to determine yours

Hi to you from Cool Change Coach.                                                                                    Today is all about attitude.

Here at Cool Change Coach, we are trained in all aspects of Personal Development and pride ourselves on helping people from all over the world with challenges they face on a daily basis.

Our programs offer solutions and breakthrough strategies and our success with our clients has given us an International Reputation for being an awesome business

Today I would like to share with you some information about attitude

I don’t have attitude – Well you should

So what does attitude to altitude mean?

When I was young I always thought if you had an attitude, you were not behaving and sometimes this is correct, but it would be better said. you have a lousy attitude so lift your game or something to help me understand attitude a bit easier.

Kinds of attitudes and the effects

  • Great attitude = person who is really positive about life, study, succeeding in what they do and what they want to achieve
  • Bad attitude = person doesn’t want to do anything positive. They do not care about themselves much at all
  • A fiery attitude= person who has a quick temper
  • Positive attitude =person  who looks at life and sees the opportunity
  • Cynical attitude = person who resents happiness and thinks everything is terrible and the world is a rotten place

There are of course a lot more different attitudes and every attitude has an effect on the people around you, and you, so what is your attitude like?

Are you caring, empathetic towards others, helpful, positive, honest with a keen sense for doing the right thing in a given situation?

Are you focused and driven by the desire to become successful?

Do you think, life is great and just cruise along not really caring one way or the other about where your life is going?

Please let me know in the comments if you feel like sharing or email me to share your thoughts on this


Some people are treated really badly as children and still manage to become amazing adults with great careers, a happy family and are genuinely awesome people with positive, kind attitudes while others grow up with a real “chip on their shoulder”. and continue to blame their past for the reason they are going nowhere today.

Drugs and alcohol abuse is rife in society today by people who have no self-love or very little and I find this so sad.

As a Coach I have worked with clients who have come from really abusive childhoods and by working closely with them, they have overcome the stuff that was holding them back and have gone on to do really positive life-changing things and my only wish, is for more people like this to come forward.

Instead, they stay in the dark place and continue to destroy themselves and by doing this, they are giving power to the people who were monsters to them as children.

Seems so unfair

Power- Self-love

People who have been abused as a child often hand over their power to the person who was unkind to them and by this I mean, they continue to live as victims and no matter what people say to them, they stay powerless.

To regain power in your life, you have to have self-love and this does not mean ego. It means you can look in the mirror and say. I love you, you are awesome, and truly mean it

Can you do this?

Power is not money, status a grand mansion to live in nor is it being the President of a Country. Donald Trump is the president of the USA and he is in control but does that mean he has true power.

Some will say yes, indeed he is awesome, while others despise him and think he is weak and not to be trusted. Is this Power in its true essence?

Self-love, self-respect, self-awareness is power.

Internal Power is the ability to go through whatever is handed to us with a strength and a knowing that no matter what, We have what it takes to get through and be ok. This truly is power and extremely powerful as well.

How do you feel about power?

Who determines your Altitude?

You do! You and only you determine what you want from life, how you are going to get there and what is it going to take for you to achieve the goals and dreams you have?

Nobody can do it for you. People can offer assistance, knowledge, and encouragement, however, it is up to you to make good choices and go grab life and live it to its fullest potential.

Have you read the story of Tony Robbins and how he got where he is? Here is his story and I hope it inspires you to take action today to become greater than you already are.

If you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?

I love this question

I would love to hear from you with your answers to this question, please

Your attitude to altitude is determined by your mindset. Every thought you have, you are in control of so when negative thoughts come into your mind and tell you, You can’t do that because you are ….. Please, Please say NO out loud and think about something positive right away and keep doing this until eventually the “monkeys on your shoulders” which is what I call negative crap, will stop coming into your mind.

You have listened to negativity and have chosen to let it be your guide so now. NO more. Positive vibes, positive thoughts and you guessed it positive action.

In conclusion today

I hope this article has given some key things to try and opened your mind to the endless possibilities that are out there.

Also, I really hope you enjoyed the videos I put in this article. They make me feel so good when I watch them so hopefully, you got a buzz too.

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have and please do me 1 thing, leave a comment below on your thoughts about what you read today

Thank you

Keeping it real






Your future your hands -It’s your time to choose

Your future in in your handsCool Change Coach is about you and how you can make positive changes to your current situation if you are unhappy with life in some ways

Many people I have worked with over the years tell me they want to do something different but they are not sure where to begin and I always begin with. Your future is in your hands and it’s your time to choose.

So let’s go into this further because maybe it is your turn

Stuck – mud up to your neck

Sometimes you can feel completely stuck as if you are deep in mud up to your neck and can’t figure out to free yourself.

How can I write this? Simple really, years ago I felt stuck and didn’t know how to pull myself out of the situation and I got quite down about it.

That’s when I decided to do some personal development study with some of the greatest teachers in the world. For 12 months I worked every day learning from the training programs I was involved with and reading every book I was recommended and within 2 months from the beginning of my 1st program. I could feel a shift in myself and I knew I was on my way to becoming more self-aware, triggers and how they can affect us. I learned how to be a great communicator with everyone without feeling insecure anymore.

Looking back 15 years I can honestly say I feel like a completely different person. The only thing that never changed was my nature. I have always been loving and caring and have always had a great love for helping people.

Nowadays it is pretty much all I do and I continue to grow to learn new skills along the way.

If you feel stuck up to your neck or even your ankles, please get in touch with me as I have my own Coaching/Training that I do with clients and it is built so I can adjust it to meet your needs as an individual

Holding you back- What are your triggers?

So, you are cruising along with life living each day, doing the same old thing. Do you ever have thoughts like.. I wish I could.. whatever it may be, or do you see someone on TV and think, WOW I wish I could do that? Do you have these thoughts? Do you act on them? YES or NO. If you do then brilliant you are living the life you were born to live,  however, if you said NO, I have to ask, WHY?

When you see certain things and wish you could try them but you leave it at a thought, is it because it makes you feel nervous, maybe you don’t think you could do it because of self-doubt. Are you shy? What are the triggers that stop you from doing whatever you want to do with your life?

Please email me vicki@coolchangecoach with your answers or questions and I look forward to hearing from you. This is free to you so be brave and do this for you.

Triggers can stop us from doing even the smallest of things and I can work with you to help you remove those triggers and feel free to do whatever you want to do -Live the life you were born to live and stop just getting by. You deserve it as we all do.

For me, it was the greatest thing and I have lived an authentic, adventurous life ever since I started believing in myself.

You may be saying, I do believe in myself but you are still stuck or scared in some way. Let me help you. you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

One day I will…

I have talked with 100’s of people during my life thus far and have asked people a lot of questions about what they would like to do and here is one of my favourite questions

If you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

Email me with your answers as I would love to read what you have written and I promise I will reply to you within 24 hours personally not by some random automated email.

OK – Now I would like you to get a piece of paper and write down all the things you would like to do before you die, and do not stop writing until you are sure you have got no more ideas to put down on paper.

Now read through all the things you would like to do and then ask yourself. Why haven’t done these things? What is holding me back?  When you do this I want you to acknowledge what sort of feelings are going through your body and what thoughts are you having. Write them down as I would really like to know what these are.

Change – Are you ready?   

Your future is in your hands and now it is time to choose. Are you ready to make some positive changes in your life starting today?

Step by step if you start making changes for you, you will start to feel differently, see things differently and behave differently. You will gain more self-awareness, self-confidence, courage, self-honesty, the truth about what you truly deserve from life.

You see every human being deserves to live a great life and it is so sad to see how many people live mediocre or worse.

How would you feel if your life became so much better through learning the necessary skills you need to make some positive changes?

Cool Change Coach is the place to do this. We haven’t got a fancy name, We don’t have heaps of internet hype. We are genuine caring honest people who want to help as many people as we can to overcome their challenges and move into a positive happy free life without any hangups dragging them down so please take a chance and email vicki@coolchangecoach and in the subject line write. I am ready for a cool change.

It really is that easy and I look forward to hearing from you when you finish here

Go easy on yourself and I am here for you


There really is no glass ball with the answers





What is Abundance Mentality – Mindset and More

What is Abundance? Is it the things we own? What about how much money we have?

You own 3 properties, drive the latest model car, have lots of cool friends, a great family so is this abundance?

Let’s take a deeper look into this subject

Money – a healthy bank account

It is really great to have money. Money in the bank, money in your wallet and money invested for those older years but this make you abundant,

Some will say, Oh Yes and others will say No, definitely not so how come these 2 answers relate to abundance

Well, its simple really, you can have millions of dollars and feel miserable which makes abundance seem unreal.

People I have talked to on this subject have come up with some great answers to money and abundance.

One guy said to me” Abundance has got nothing to do with money. Money is just Money”

What are your thought on this?

Another guy said to me” All the money in your bank doesn’t make you happy” Again another statement that deserves consideration.

I came across a guy the other day and asked him ” If you had money would you feel abundant?” and he said” I have got money and I feel abundant but not because I have money” I questioned him on this and what he said was so interesting.

Mindset – What has this got to do with Abundance?Abundance for you

So back to the guy I spoke to last week who said he has got money and it has nothing to do with him feeling abundant.

What he shared with me was this: I am abundant in all areas of my life because I live a good life filled with great people a wonderful family, freedom and time to do whatever I like and I am Happy. I am Rich, not with money although I have quite a bit of that too. I am RICH because my life is enriched by really special people, kindness, fun, laughter and good times.

He went on to say that even when things aren’t so good, he has people around him who care about him and when troubled times come he said he still feels so abundant and knows he can deal with any given situation with an inner feeling of love and strength which makes him feel so abundant inside and out.

What are your thoughts on this?

Expectations – Oh how they can let you down

A lot of people have expectations for example. You are meeting a new person to go on a date- Do you expect anything? Be honest here. Do you? Yes, you do.

You are expecting a certain look, perhaps a certain dress code, a sense of humour, intelligence and a whole lot of other things that go through your mind. And most of all you are hoping the date will be…

Yes, Expectations. Am I wrong here? Please let me know. I can take it:)

You are going to buy another vehicle and before you leave home you will have expectations about the colour, price, model etc and hopefully your expectations are met otherwise you might well not be buying a new car today.

no quite what I expected

Expectations can and do affect our feeling of abundance inside us. We really hope for something special to happen on our birthday, even though we say, it’s just another day. Well, some people do.

Anyway, your birthday comes and goes and only 2 people contact you directly. The rest of your friends make a comment on facebook.

You feel instantly saddened by this and feel empty because of expectation. Yes, or No/ If you said Yes, most likely your abundance inside needs filling up, because an abundance person would think.

Oh well, I have seen 2 awesome friends who had time to visit and thank you to the others. End of story. Abundance thinking, not loss and misery or lack of thinking.

Try this. For the next 2 days, do not expect anything. Just be thankful for the life you have and how wonderful everything is.

Then come back here and leave a comment on how it made you feel. No expectations of course.

Abundance mentality – what?

What is Abundance Mentality? I like this question and have coached a lot of people around this question.

Everything starts with a thought. You are in control of your mind. Many people think their mind controls them and this is NOT true.

If you look at great sports people and what they achieve, you and I both know so much of their success comes from, Yes, you got it, Their minds.

Athletes spend hours of work on themselves physically and mentally because 1 will not work to its best without the other.

They are Coached for their physical training and they also have Coaches for their mind training and along with that, they are often listening to audio mind programs to ensure their mind is at the same level as their body.

We are no different when it comes to abundance.

When you go to bed at night, be thankful for the day you have had, even if it wasn’t the greatest day. Even the smallest thing that made you smile or made you feel good is worth being thankful for. The food on your table, the TV you enjoyed and so on.

Every time you start listening to that voice that wants to whine about something, Say NO and think of something positive that fills you with happy feelings and be thankful.

Do the same when you get up each morning- Be grateful you are awake and if it is cold and raining and windy, who cares, its just Mother Nature doing her thing, so go do your thing and be abundant

Here is a special offer to those of you who really want to learn more about abundance.

I have done a lot of study with this guy and he really is quite inspirational so go take a look and maybe even do the Abundance quiz and when you have come back here and tell me all about it. I’d really enjoy you sharing what you learned.

So for now, that’s all from me and don’t wait. Click here for your free quiz 

Just for you

Thanks for coming










Coaching Programs- Is this for you

Welcome to Cool Change Coach.

Here is where the action begins.

Cool Change Coach has developed programs to meet your individual needs so let’s read on further

Why do Coaching – What will change for me?coaching is for you

This is a great question and can often be misunderstood because a lot of people think it is like counselling where they have to delve into things from their past which is often very difficult only to find after months of counselling they still don’t feel a whole lot better. I am not saying counselling is bad at all, in fact, people often thrive as well.

What I am saying Coaching is very different from counselling in that Coaching starts with you today. Where you are right now. Yes, you may have to look at past habits, ways of thinking and triggers but Cool Change Coaches do not take you deep into your past.

This is not our job. Our job is to work closely with you to empower you, help you make lasting, positive choices with your life.

Breakthrough an old habit that is holding you back, giving you self-confidence, lifting your self-esteem and encouraging positive changes as you are ready, without being forceful or bossy.

Our Coaches and programs are designed to suit you as an individual and we adjust certain parts of the program if we see a need to do this. You need to be honest with your Coach and he/she will always be honest with you, even if sometimes this can be challenging for you.

It is all done with you in mind and your well-being and happiness.

Let’s begin – It starts with you

This program is a great place to begin and within the program, you will find exercises you must complete before you go to the next assignment.

You will have a time frame to complete each exercise at the end of each assignment and you will then have a 1 on 1 coaching session online via Skype

This Skype call will be scheduled with you via email and you are required to attend to ensure you are working through your program and to give you the opportunity to give feedback on how you are progressing and also you will get a question and answer time which we feel is very important to you and your Coach.

Below are details of our “Let’s get started”program so you can see if this is a  fit for you. If it is please click the button to get further details so you can get started.

Program details:Let’s get started

Week 1

1.  Your current reality – You will need a journal to begin your lessons as you will be writing answers to questions relevant to this subject

2. Relationships – This lesson deals with your relationships with those close to you and has questions you will be answering as well

3. Gratitude – This lesson requires you to write about gratitude and you will be taught how to do this and why it is so important 

Skype call at a time mutually agreed


1. What you think about –  This lesson is about you being honest about the negative feelings you have

2. Negatives into positives – Time to turn negatives into positives

3. Breakthrough thinking – Mindset and how it works

4. How your thoughts are with mind control – Control and power with your mind

Skype call at a mutually agreed time

Week 3

1.  Border Bullies – What, when why how – examples will be required from what you are taught

2.   What will you remove from your life? – written answers to questions from this lesson will be needed

Skype call at a time mutually agreed

Week 4

1.Vision – Practical work on your vision

2.Goals  – Practical written work for this lesson

Skype call at a time mutually agreed

Week 5 

Action plan

1. Plan – Creating an action plan and preparing you for your take off

2. Questions – What do you need to know before this program comes to an end- write down your questions and present them to your coach on your next call

Skype call to answer your questions and if needed continue for some more time until you are 100% ready to go it alone.

Decision – Are you ready?

Congratulations on reading through to here. You must be getting excited about now. I know I am because you are taking your 1st step towards your future, feeling in control, powerful, confident and ready to be the awesome person you truly are

By clicking on the button below. you will be taken to a sign-up link and from there you will receive full details of this program, including cost, what is required to get started, skype name to connect with your Coach and any other relevant information, so what are you waiting for.

Your time is now,  so –  click here


See you real soon







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